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Some Homemade Carpet Cleaning Tips

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Carpet cleaning is known as the most challenging job in the world. You have been thinking about the carpet cleaning solution, and you have decided to make it on our own. Well, it's not a big deal you can make your carpet cleaning solution for the carpet and upholstery cleaning. There is no need to pass any chemical exam or no need to know chemical formulas you can make your carpet cleaner in your home. Here are some homemade tips for carpet cleaning.

Vinegar Carpet Cleaning Solution.

To prepare this solution mix one part vinegar into the ten parts of water. This can get rid of spots quickly, and this process takes less time for cleaning.

Windex and water.

If you want to make this cleaning solution, then use equal Windex and hot water in a steam cleaner. The solution should have a proper balance of both liquids.


You can use this in the same amount of carpet cleaner solution. Leave your window open until the carpet dries. It takes time to remove the smell from the carpet so, put your carpet in the sunlight.

Dish Washing Liquid.

To make this solution use about three drops of dish washing liquid with 1/4 cups of ammonia and vinegar to a couple of gallons of water.

OxiClean Fe-breeze, vinegar, and warm water.

To make this cleaning solution take I cup of OxiClean, 1 cup of vinegar, and the desired amount of warm water. This is the best solution if you want to remove pet odors.

Tide Laundry soap and water.

This can be used at the place of carpet shampoo. But this is not necessary that you have to use it you can use shampoo also it gives shine to your carpet, and your carpet look as new.


You can use 100% pure water into your steam cleaner, and it will work just great. There is no need to mix any cleaning solution and detergent. These are straightforward homemade carpet cleaning solution which gives you good results. Making your solution will reduce your exposure to harsh chemical and will save your money at the same time as you do not need to add anything extra to your shopping list.


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